Shirtcase is a light hardcase solution to transport your shirt crease free. Perfect for commuting to work or business travelling.
This innovative design is born in the fashion region of Antwerp (Belgium).

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Shirt Folding Aid

What about if folding shirts isn’t your strong point? Don’t worry: with this handy folding aid, it becomes piece of cake!

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Lockbox is a compact wallet that maximizes storage capacity. The smart interior allows you to carry your money, essential documents and other basics with comfort and safety.

Ass Saver

Tired of sitting at the office with a wet bottom all day, just because it rained this morning?
 This mudguard fits nicely onto the rails of your saddle without any tools or fittings.


Life is busy, appearance matters. Juggling career with family and social life. 
Need to keep fit, travel and look smart… Not always easy! 
Discover our range of highly functional products, like the Shirtcase, designed for you: the everyday explorer.


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Cups of Coffee
Sketches made
Hairs pulled out

Shirtcase fits your active lifestyle

Cycle & commute: Shirtcase is the solution for the urban jungle


No more creases in your shirt!


Shirtcase is light and compact and fits easily in your luggage, backpack or bicycle bag.

Look smart at work

You only get one chance for a first impression. Coming across as sloppy can give people the impression that you aren't as smart as you really are.


Our vision

Shacklestone is a team of enthusiastic and dynamic creatives within the Miko group, a team looking towards tomorrow and beyond. Their goal? Developing highly functional products for the everyday explorer!

Inspired by great explorers

This venture grew from the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit that has always lived at Miko, and that is now more alive than ever. With Shacklestone the group creates space and time to think about different ways and different solutions for challenges we all deal with the moment we take that next step… That’s the moment Shacklestone will be there for you, helping you to take that step!

The name Shacklestone came out of our passion for exploring. We honor 2 legends, 2 early explorers, namely Ernest Shackleton (15 February 1874 – 5 January 1922) and David Livingstone (19 March 1813 – 1 May 1873). Check out their incredible stories!

The famous polar explorer Shackleton had the ambition to cross Antarctica…But his ship, The Endurance, became trapped by the ice the 19th of January 1915. During 9 months the crew kept themselves busy by building igloos and inventing all kinds of great products. They always kept the morale high. These 2 brave progressive explorers are examples to anyone and especially to the Shacklestone-team!

Passionate about design

The Miko Pac design and development department naturally knows that a product fulfils more than a practical role. Just like in fashion or architecture, functionality and originality must go hand in hand.

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